TMA Job Management System


TMA Custom Job Management System

TMA Job Management System

After hearding about the project management system we built for FTS, TMA wanted something similar for their business. In their business, they use specialized equipment to service their clients, so we built a custom module for them to manage their equipment and assign it to client jobs to make sure they have the right tools needed when servicing their clients. They also have the need to hire many employees at once, and they have been needing to go to their filing cabinets and find eligible employees each time they got a new big job. We built for them a human resources system so they can easily keep track of their employees pertinent information, job history, eligibility, certification expirations such as TWIC and OSHA, site specific trainings, and even what uniforms and personal protection equipment have been issued to them. Re-hiring an old employee is now as easy a clicking a button, since all of their direct deposit and other necessary information is already on file in the system. All of their employees log into the custom app web built for them every morning and throughout the day to see what all they need to do and what equipment to bring.


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