Louisiana Drug Board License Manage System


Louisiana Drug Board License Management System

The Louisiana drug board was using an very old database system to manage their licensee database. It was a very simple database that required a lot of manual work to do even the simplest tasks, such as renewing a license. The board wanted a system that would automate a lot of their manual tasks, including their renewal system – which was all done by paper mail-in forms. Now their licensees simply log into the board’s website and fill in their renewal form and pay online and the board staff can manage the renewal completely through the website’s administrative portal. We also built a licensee lookup section on their website where people can look up and verify licensure of any licensee. Each year when it was time for licensees to renew their licenses, it was typical for licensees to have to wait several weeks for their renewal to be processed because of the backlog. Now, with the new system, the processing time is often only a few days.

Because of the success of the license management system, their head inspector wondered if we could also automate his facility inspection process, which was also completely a paper process. We added an inspection module that now allows him to assign inspections to his inspectors, and out in the field they use handlheld tablets, such as iPads and Windows surfaces, to fill out in-depth inspection forms. After the on-site representative signs the completed inspection, a PDF of the completed inspection report is emailed to all parties involved and it is also filed in the system for easy retrieval later.

The licensee management system and website we developed for them has saved so much time and money for them that when one of their key employees retired, they did not even need to hire a replacement. The license management system has paid for itself within the first year of them using it. That kind of return on investment is usually unheard of, but it is something that our clients enjoy time and time again.

"I wanted to thank you for being available to help us during these uncertain times. The work that you have done goes beyond what we could have imagined. Without your help and dedication, it would have made our job a lot harder. The patients of Louisiana get the ultimate benefit from our relationship with NetShapers.

The license management system that NetShapers built for us has dramatically made our lives easier. We never anticipated the work from home scenarios, but with NetShapers it made it possible. We could not have done so with any other provider on the market.

The system is customized for our processes and it automates many of the things that we previously did by hand. It makes license management and renewals much easier for our staff and our licensees. It may be the best investment our organization has ever made."

- George Lovecchio, Executive Director


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