TAC CPA Client Portal


Custom CPA Client Portal

Our CPA used to come pay us a visit once a quarter to sit at our accountant’s computer and do his magic on our Quickbooks. Although it was nice to see him four times a year, it was beginning to be cost prohibitive for him to physically visit all of his clients so often. We discussed this and decided that it would be a good idea for us to build him a client portal for his website so that clients could securely send him their Quickbooks files when needed. The file transfer portal has saved him a great deal of time and money over the years with all of his clients, and of course his clients love it as well because it frees up their time as well.

"With the ability to securely send large files to and from my clients with my personal website, it allows me to work from my office and saves travel time. I sleep at night knowing that all of my clients' information is handled securely. I would recommend NetShapers' services to any professional who handles sensitive information."

Thomas Cotten, CPA


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