Marketing Strategy

Supercharge your marketing to get more of your ideal customers

How many times have you heard these phrases?

  • "I can't afford that... It's too expensive..."
  • "I'm just getting prices, not ready to buy just yet..."
  • "I need to ask my partner..."
  • "Maybe later... Call me next month and we'll see..."
  • "I'm not sure this will work for me..."
  • "I'm not ready... I need to think about it..."

Or worse yet, you aren't getting many calls at all!

The real reason most prospects don't say yes is...

  • They feel like they're just being sold to
  • They don't yet have enough trust in your brand
  • They don't really see the benefits
  • You haven't checked all of the boxes in their buying checklist
  • Some part of your marketing or sales pitch raised a red flag for them
  • They feel that what your business is a commodity and there is nothing special about what you can do for them
  • They aren't really your ideal customer and are just time-wasting tire-kickers

The best way to beat sales objections is to have your marketing take care of it for you.

When your marketing does the selling for you, all you really need to do is take the order.


After our session, you will:

  • Create an offer that people feel stupid saying no to
  • Increase credibility and trust in your brand and become an authority in your market
  • Attract more of your ideal customer and repel time-wasting tire kickers
  • Stop making your customers feel like they are being sold to and help them choose you
  • Identify things that may be currently turning away your prospects
  • Uncover your prospects' buying checklist and design your marketing to check all the boxes
  • Make your prospects feel like your products and services were made specifically for them
  • Elicit trust in your brand and evoke a desire for what you offer
  • Compel new customers to call, email, or visit you to get started

Once you have this map of your customer's buying process,

you can use it in all of your marketing:



custom apps

Social Media

print designs

Business Cards, Brochures


Sales Presentations

"Our company met with several vendors, and NetShapers was by far the best. Jerry brought ideas to the table that were spot on. He listened patiently and helped us to set reasonable goals and expectations. NetShapers delivered exactly what we asked for and their communication with us throughout the process never wavered. We launched our website a few weeks ago and anytime we have questions, they are still just as involved and responsive. We highly recommend NetShapers."

- Royal Engineers

How it Works

Our process makes it super easy for you. We sit down with you and ask a few questions that turn into a guided brainstorming session where we did deep into the buying process of your customers, where they are, their state of mind when they need what a company like yours.

Then we can use use that information when building your website to best tell your story, attract the perfect clients for your business, and get them to take action so you can make the sale.

You've never had a marketing strategy session like this

We look at marketing differently. Most marketing just sounds like "Look at us, we're awesome, let me tell you why you need to hand over your money".

Nobody likes to feel like they are being sold to. People want to buy.

We set up your marketing to give the customer what they are looking for so that you check all of the boxes in their mental buying checklist and they feel that you have exactly what they are looking for. They choose to buy from you.

Who this is designed for

  • Small B2B Businesses
  • Service-oriented businesses that rely on credibility in their brand
  • Referral-based businesses that get most of their customers from word of mouth
  • Companies that want to raise their sales close rate


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