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FTS Custom Project Management System

fts custom project management system

Back during the turn of the century, a forward-thinking industrial contractor named Furnace and Tub Services came to us and wanted to develop a website program where they could track their sales – similar to salesforce.com, but back before that was a thing. After we built that online app for them, they were doing so well that they came back to us and asked us if we could expand the system to also manage the projects once they were sold. After discussing with them what all of the projects they needed to track, we built what is basically a full-featured sales and project management system. It helps them not only keep tabs on their sales efforts, but also keep track of the plant equipment they service for their clients, and most importantly run reports to see an overview of their business and forecast upcoming workload.

Now, instead of having to pay project managers to communicate with everyone involved when a new client job is getting started, the system emails everyone involved an job start-up form with all of the information needed for the job to go smoothly and nothing slips through the cracks. Because of this, the system we built for them has paid for itself many times over.

"The entire management of our company is built around our project management system. It is instrumental in forecasting and planning our projects, and is central to our internal communications and reporting in our company. Most importantly it gives us quick access to our critical information, even for our mobile users. I highly recommend NetShapers' services to any company who handles mission critical information."

- John Robert, Jr., President


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