Acadian Ambulance Transport Request System


Acadian Ambulance Transport Request System

Acadian Ambulance is known for being Johnny on the spot when emergencies arise. Another service that is less known is needing to transfer patients from one hospital or specialty medical center to another. This is known as non-emergency patient transport. One issue that Acadian had was the way the medical facilities would order their patient transportation – most of the orders came in over fax. Many times when Acadian would dispatch the ambulance for transport, the facility that ordered it no longer needed the transportation, so there was much time and money lost since there was no accountability.

We developed a custom website application for them where the facilities could log in and order their non-emergency transfers, and the whole process was streamlined. The facilities would get their transport on time every time – and best of all for Acadian – once the facility placed the order, they were on the hook for following through with payment whether they changed their minds or not.


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