The whole reason to have a website is to get more customers.

We believe your website should do one thing and do it well:

Make You Money


How many new customers have you gotten from your website this month?

In our 26 years of building effective websites and marketing systems, we know how to make your website a profit center.

Having a beautiful website is only part of the equation. If it doesn't connect with your prospects, create trust for your brand, and get them to take action, it isn't really making you any money.

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We make your website do the following:

  • Attract more of your ideal customers
  • Increase authority, credibility, and trust in your market
  • Get clients to choose you over your competition without sounding or feeling salesy
  • Increase presence and visibility on search engines go get more new prospects
  • Succinctly tell your story so that people connect with your mission
  • Reduce time wasting "prospects" that are not a good fit
  • Get a steady stream of new business
  • Create desire for your services and draw people in to contact you

Unique Approach

More Than Just a Marketing and Website Design Agency

At first glance, it may look like we are a typical marketing and website design agency, but we incorporate things that make our websites much more effective:

buying process

Buying Psychology

Understanding the psychology of buying and the art of ethical influence, and we uniquely integrate those concepts into every website we design so that it attracts the right customers, builds authority and trust, and compels them to take action and choose you over your competitors. We follow the flow of the customer's buying process so that they choose your company rather than feel like they are being sold to.


Custom-Tailored Strategies and Tools

Every business has one or two bottlenecks that are keeping them from rapid growth, and not every business needs the same tools to break through. We work with you to uncover those bottlenecks and implement a custom set of tools and strategies to bring your business to the next level.

marketing automation

Integrated Marketing Automation

Your website is only one part of a larger marketing engine that attracts, nurtures, delights, and closes new customers with built-in workflows and CRM-style customer management tools.

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We can incorporate artificial intelligence into your website that drives interaction, provides value, and guides new customers to do business with you.

You may be thinking, “That’s a lot of high-power value – it must be expensive!”

The beauty of our systems is that we start where you are now, and make a plan for adding additional tools and strategies as your organization grows and your investment budget grows. We are first and foremost consultants, and we guide you through the whole process with clear goals and next steps. Whether you are a solopreneur or running a multi-million dollar enterprise, we tailor your growth plan to start small and expand as the system makes you more money and your budget grows.

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Lindsay Heck Leblanc
Lindsay Heck Leblanc
Legal Video Solutions, LLC

"While updating our website's information, NetShapers' customer service has gone above and beyond... they were able to make the changes I submitted almost instantly! Thanks again for taking such good care of us!"

Cyndi Petrilak
Cyndi Petrilak
Keogh, Cox and Wilson, Ltd.

"Our law firm handles a lot of sensitive material, and with our increased use of the internet we found ourselves wide open to the world. I was very excited and impressed with the knowledge of the NetShapers staff."

Staci Brimer
Staci Brimer
Regal Nails Salon and Spa

"The service I receive from NetShapers is impeccable. I cannot say enough good things about them. Our website was up and running well before the proposed date. It was exactly what we needed and exactly what we asked for."